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  • Lauren Oliver
  • Jeff Chapman
  • Mark Dooley

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Our Allan Block Products are Manufactured by Basalite


  • Interlocking Paving Stones
  • Structural Block
  • Garden Walls
  • Fence Walls
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Garden Line
  • Dry Mix Sack Goods


about us


Basalite is one of the top ten largest suppliers of concrete products in the United States. Basalite began its core business with Structural Block, otherwise known as CMU (Concrete Masonry Units). Basalite has the materials to build sound walls, private and commercial buildings; fences for residential areas, gated communities, or a backyard privacy fence.

If you are looking for a Segmental Retaining Wall System to shore up a large commercial project or retain a sloping backyard hillside, Basalite has what you need in many sizes, shapes and architectural treatments. Why not pair our retaining wall block with one of Basalites many choices and shapes of our Interlocking Paving Stones? By joining these two product lines, you will make your project a showcase.

Basalite produces many Ornamental and Garden products consisting of stepping stones, tree rings, concrete edging (in both concrete and recycle materials), along with decorative rock. Our Dry Mix product line consists of bagged concrete, cement, mortar, and sand products.

Basalite offers the products you need from start to finish of your project and prides itself on manufacturing quality products while delivering outstanding customer service. We encourage you to browse through all of our product lines and discover Basalites Infinite Possibilities!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We'd be happy to help you!



4900 Race St
Denver, Colorado 80216
United States

(303) 292-2345

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