Allan Block

Building Walls

Allan Block has the solution for a wide variety of applications. The installation information demonstrates how to successfully construct retaining walls, two-sided patio seating walls, and concrete fencing. Select the application for your project, and learn step by step details on how to plan, design and build with Allan Block.

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Retaining Walls

AB Collection
Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

Installation details for the construction of gravity or reinforced retaining walls. Find everything you need to plan, design and construct your retaining wall project.Retaining Walls

Seating Walls

AB Courtyard Collection Seating Wall

Seating & Patio Walls

This two-sided patio wall system is so versatile you can build almost anything. Find installation steps and details for building everythnig from patio surrounds and seating walls, to outdoor kicthens, bars, pond and more.Seating Walls

Sound Barrier Fence

AB Fence
Sound Barrier Fence

Sound Barrier & Security Fencing

Learn more about this concrete block fencing system. This system provides an attractive and effective solution to issues of sound, security and privacy. Find the details installation steps to construct a concrete block fence to create a permanent solution to your project needs.Fence