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Landscape Newsletter Issue 5

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BBQ surround and light post


Man Hours: 1,200+
Retaining Walls: 1,950 ft2 (181 m2)
Geogrid: 1,000+ ft2 (93 m2)
Courtyard Walls: 300+ ft2.(28 m2)

retaining wall with seating wall on top

"The four block shapes used in the AB Abbey Blend pattern provided the ease of using a retaining wall block - and - it has the look of natural stone."
- Fred Johnson, Lawncraft Corp.

Creative Landscaping Designs Take The Prize

Winners of the Allan Block Project Photo Contest

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #5


The homeowners wanted a totally new outdoor entertainment area that would take advantage of the beautiful pond and wooded areas surrounding their backyard. They envisioned a swimming pool, large patio deck and an outdoor kitchen incorporated into the existing architecture of their property. The finished project included:


Lawncraft's owner Fred Johnson has built a solid reputation since starting the business in 1989. His two crews are focused on high end "creative landscaping" and have built most of their retaining walls with natural stone and boulders.


Lawncraft designed the entire project including the pool and concrete pool deck, lighting, gas cook top and heat lamps. Fred Johnson states, "The project was intense. It required ongoing project management and update meetings with the owner. We brainstormed new ideas and adjusted the project throughout the entire process." Construction was completed within just 5 weeks. The homeowners wanted a product that matched the European look of their home so they chose the AB Europa Collection.


The homeowners are delighted with the project and are planning to complete an outdoor bar using the AB Courtyard Posts/Pilars. Landscaper Fred Johnson is happy too, he states "This project has given my business a big boost. I've never been much of a block guy, but this project worked out really well. I'm happy the homeowners chose Allan Block."