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Allan Block products are Inspired by Nature and Designed for Life. What that means is that every Allan Block carries with it a promise to be durable, naturally attractive, and easy to install. Every Allan Block carries with it the testing, engineering and field performance you want for a strong, safe, reliable wall system. Inspired by Nature. Designed for Life.

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Allan Blocks are Eco-Friendly. Allan Block has always been an advocate for respecting and working with the environment in a conscientious way. Our innovative products exemplify clean, durable, and efficient practices. Our local manufacturers represent the best means of delivering high quality, reliable building materials to local job sites. Our wall designs and block products last longer than many other wall products and because they are efficient by design, you use less manufactured material than other products require in every Allan Block wall you build. Allan Block IS GREEN.

Retaining Walls

Need a Retaining Wall. Allan Block has the just what you need!

A Retaining Wall is a structure that creates useable space by shaping and supporting a slope or hillside. Retaining walls can be needed for many different types of applications – from a simple raised garden or planter to a major structural wall supporting a roadway or parking lot. Selecting the right Allan Block for your project is easy. Choose the right block for your next project from our three Retaining Wall Collections – The AB Collection, AB Europa Collection, or our latest introduction, the AB Fieldstone Collection. You’ll find just what you need with Allan Block.

AB Collection Retaining Walls AB Europa Collection Retaining Walls AB Fieldstone Collection Retaining Walls

AB® Collection

Classic Look of Cut Stone

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AB Europa® Collection

European Old World Charm

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AB Fieldstone Collection

Green, Natural, Friendly

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Seating & Patio Walls

Bring your best indoor spaces outside with the AB Courtyard Collection - a simple interlocking post and panel system that adds architecture to your landscape. From a simple backyard getaway to an elaborate patio – you can build it easily with AB Courtyard.

The AB Courtyard Collection is a versatile, two-sided, free standing wall system that has 3 main components plus caps - the AB York block, the AB Dublin block and the Corner Block. With these blocks you can build wall panels and posts/pillars in any combination to create great landscape elements and spaces. The AB York and AB Dublin blocks can be used alone or mixed together to add an extra touch of pattern in the wall panels. Straight walls, curves, unlimited shapes and combinations – all made possible with three simple blocks.

AB Courtyard Collection Outdoor Kitchens AB Courtyard Collection Firepits and Ponds AB Courtyard Collection Patio Walls

Weekend DIY Projects

Lifestyle Elements

Commercial Applications

AB Courtyard Collection®

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Privacy Fences & Sound Barriers

Looking for privacy, security, and peace and quiet. AB Fence is a mortarless concrete block fencing and sound barrier system that uses maintenance free interlocking blocks to make your home or building site more safe, secure and private.

AB Fence uses posts and panels like many typical fence systems to construct beautiful and durable concrete structures that will stand the test of time. The AB Fence Blocks have a split-faced look on one side and striated look on the other side. This gives the AB Fence System the ability to offer many different looks and styles without having to order any special blocks. Incorporating different color blocks to form patterns or banding within the panels and posts allows for even more options.

AB Fence Sound Barrier AB Fence Security AB Fence Privacy

Residential Settings

Commerical Site Solutions

Sound Barrier

AB FenceSystem

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