Patterned Walls

Add distinction to
your landscape.

Give your landscape a dramatic effect with patterned walls.

Add a whole new dimension to your landscape! Blend the different sized blocks together into your wall and capture the look of hand-laid stone.

Choose from one of our pre-set patterns to build your wall, or create your own. Walls with curves or requiring reinforcement must be constructed with a two course pattern.

Building Patterned Retaining Walls

Patterned walls resemble hand-laid stone walls, and will require a certain level of detail and craftsmanship to construct. Some custom fitting of blocks will be required. Plan on taking a little extra time to build, particularly when building one for the first time.

Choosing the Right Pattern

Both the AB Collection and AB Europa Collections can be used to create a variety of pre-set and random patterns. (See the Pattern Chart for more details). A pre-set pattern is repeated every two or three courses of block. A single course consists of a full size block, approximately 8 in. (200 mm) high. Random patterns used on a reinforced wall require a level surface every 2 courses for proper installation of geogrid. Check your approved plans for geogrid placement. Note: Walls with curves should always use the 2 course pattern to minimize cutting and fitting. For walls requiring geogrid use the 2 course pattern to allow for proper geogrid placement.

retaining wall with pattern

AB Abbey Blend Pattern Retaining Wall

Install geogrid reinfrocement

Install geogrid reinfrocement

Excavation and Installing Base Course

The base course of your patterned retaining wall should always be installed using a full course of full-sized blocks. This will speed the leveling and installation of the first course of the pattern.

Installing Reinforcement

How to build a patterned retaining wall

Video: How to build a patterned retaining wall

Install retaining wall pattern

Install first course of pattern on top of geogrid

Install wall rock

Install wall rock

Compact behind retaining wall blocks

Compact behind retaining wall block

Finish retaining wall pattern

Finish retaining wall pattern, level and align

Compact on wall blocks

Compact on block and behind retaining wall

Lay out geogrid

Install next layer of geogrid

Install retaining wall pattern

Install next section of pattern

Combine retaining wall patterns

Combining retaining wall patterns

patterned retaining wall

Patterned retaining wall

Install the Multi-Course Pattern

The retaining wall example shown here uses a two (2) course pattern.

AB Reinforcement Grid

AB Reinforcement Grid

Offset vertical seams

Offset by at least 1/4 of the block

Installing the Second Multiple-Course Pattern

Offset the retaining wall patterns

Offset the patterns

Ending and Topping off the Retaining Wall

Ending patterned retaining wall

Ending patterned retaining walls

Patterned walls may be ended with a step-down or a turn-in. When ending a patterned wall you will need to modify the pattern and randomly adjust as necessary to create the look desired.

Compacting Patterned Retaining Walls

Compact retaining wall with shovel

Compact retaining wall with shovel

Construction Tips for Patterned Retaining Walls

Cutting block in half

Cutting block in half