Retaining Wall Design

Design is creativity
with strategy.


The design process for a segmental retaining wall typically has a Wall Design Engineer or Site Civil Engineer responsible for the wall design envelope. Geotechnical engineers should be hired to evaluate the overall stability of the site. For information into the basic concepts behind an Allan Block retaining wall design see page 18 of the AB Spec Book and Best Practices for SRW walls.

retaining wall height

Determine wall height and geometry

Proper retaining wall design requires evaluation of the following:

1. Select the retaining wall location

2. Determine retaining wall height and geometry

retaining wall setback

Evaluate structural requirements

3. Evaluate structural requirements

4. Calculate the total wall structure

stage retaining wall materials

Stage retaining wall materials

wall rock

Wall Rock

Refer to the AB Engineering Manual, AB Spec Book, AB Seismic Executive Summary, AB Walls Design Software, and the Best Practices for SRW walls for more detailed information. For design assistance contact the AB Engineering Department

Material and Site Checklist Prior to Construction

Building a reinforced retaining wall requires advanced planning and careful layout at the job site.

Check Your Materials

Delivery and Storage

Wall Rock

The proper placement of the wall rock serves several purposes:

Backfill Soils

Foundation Soil Preparation

Geogrid Layout

retaining wall section 1

Retaining Wall Section 1

retaining wall elevation

Retaining Wall Elevation