How to Build A Large Curved Patio Wall Panel

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If a larger curve (radius) is part of your patio wall project, cutting some AB Dublin blocks in half will be required, which allows just about any radius to be built.

The easiest way to create a smooth curve is to alternate between an AB York block and a half (1/2) AB Dublin block through the entire curve. Limitless curves can be created by combining the various patterns shown here. AB Wall caps will need to be cut to follow any custom radius as well.

Building a large curved patio wall

Video: How to Build a Patio Wall with a large radius

Option A

Large Curve Option A

2 AB York Block

Option B

Large Curve Option B

1 AB York Block
1 half AB Dublin

Option C

Large Curve Option C

1 AB York Block
1 full AB Dublin cut

Option D

Large Curve Option D

2 AB York Block
1 half AB Dublin

cut AB Dublin in half

Cut AB Dublin blocks and place with AB York blocks to create custom curves

AB Dublin Angles

Use the properly angled AB Dublin block to build your curves. Option C works with both of these angles.

Step 1: Cut AB Dublin Blocks in Half

Cut 6 AB Dublins in half to start to assist with building the larger curve needed.

Step 2: Layout Larger Curve

Layout your curve building 2 courses at the same time to ensure proper fit. Combine the patterns shown here to create a custom flowing curve.

Step 3: Continue Building

Cut addition half AB Dublins as required and continue using the combination of patterns to achieve the curve required.

By adding small gaps at a maximum 0.125 inch (3 mm), you can tighten the wall or feather it wider. When AB Dublin blocks are angled in the opposite direction, use those half AB Dublin blocks in Option C.