Adding Strength to Patio Walls

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Install Guide

The AB Courtyard Collection is designed to let you build a variety of wall types. For taller walls you may find it desirable to add reinforcement to increase the stability of your patio walls. The 4 options below to show how this can be achieved.

Building a taller patio wall

Video: How to Build a Taller Patio Wall

Cut the Pipe the Desired Length

Trim the pipe to length

Insert the Pipe into the Wall Cores

Place the pipe into the wall panel

Drive the Pipe into the Ground for Stability

Drive pipe into place

Option 1: Adding Strength With Metal Pipes

Using a Pipe to Strengthen Wall

Adding metal posts within your wall panels will provide hidden reinforcement and resistance to overturning. The pipe adds overturning stability to the wall.

Step 1: Plan - Measure

Determine the length of the metal pipe by adding the height of the wall - not including the cap - and approximately 1-2 feet (300-600 mm) additional for the amount of pipe that will be pounded into the ground below.

You Will Need:

  • 1 3/8 in. or smaller metal piping
    (like that used for the horizontal pipe in chain link fences)
  • Large diameter pipe cutter
  • Small sledge hammer or fence post driver

Step 2: Place Pipe

Pipe Placement

After cutting the pipe to the appropriate length, slide the metal pipe down through the hole in the top course of wall blocks. Remove the top course of blocks as you drive the pipe to its desired depth. This provides room for the pipe to be driven into the ground.

Step 3: Drive Pipe

Pound the pipe into the ground using your sledge hammer or fence post driver approximately 1-2 feet (300-600 mm) deep or until desired stability is achieved.

Option 2: Adding Strength With Adhesive

Install Wall Caps for a Finish

Secure Wall Caps into place with adhesive

Securing the caps and top course of the wall together with flexible concrete adhesive increases the stability of the wall. Secure the Wall Caps in place with a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along both sides of the raised rings and along the side of each Wall Cap.

Option 3: Adding Strength With Curves, Corners or Posts/Pillars

Finished Wall with Ornamental Fence Above

Add Posts

AB Courtyard Wall with Corners


AB Courtyard Wall with Curves


Designing curves, corners, or posts/pillars into the wall panels will add additional stability to the wall panel without any added steps.

Patio wall curves corners and posts

Option 4: Adding Strength by Interlocking the Panels into the Posts/Pillars

AB Courtyard Wall Panel Interlocking into Post/Pillar

Interlock walls and posts

Interlocking Walls and Posts/Pillars with AB Courtyard Diagram

Use Corner Blocks to tie the wall panels into the posts/pillar structures, by placing a Corner Block half on the wall panel and half within the post/pillar. This will interlock them together adding stability to the wall panel. See How-to sheet #230: Interlocking Walls and Posts.