To ensure that the basics are covered in your wall design we have prepared the following checklist to assist you. This checklist may also be used by someone checking a design to provide an outline for a consistent review process.

Review Wall Design Plans for Special Conditions:

Wall Design Checklist
Wall Design Checklist     Wall Design Checklist

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  • Site Drainage Layout
  • Global Stability
  • Government Regulations
  • High Water Table
  • Seismic Design Requirements

Review Wall Design Plans For:


Global Stability


Elevation View

Wall Site Components

Wall Site Components

  • Overall Length of Wall
  • Station Points
  • Plan Layout
  • Elevations
  • Grades or Slopes Above or Below Walls
  • Soil Conditions
    • Retained Soil Friction Angle
    • Infill Soil Friction Angle
    • Foundation Soil Friction Angle
    • Cohesion for Foundation Soil
    • Soil Settlement Potential
  • Water Management
    • Above Grade
    • Below Grade
    • Excess Irrigation
  • Locations of Catch Basins and Utilities
  • Compliance to Specifications
  • Surcharges (live, dead, and location)
  • Temporary Construction Loads
  • Snow or Strage Loads
  • Special Provisions

Design Review:

  • Grid Length
  • Grid Spacing
  • Grid Placed on Consistent Courses
  • Design Factors of Safety
    • Sliding
    • Overturning
    • Bearing
    • Grid Overstress
    • Pullout from Soil
    • Pullout from Block
    • Internal Compound
    • Global
    • Seismic
  • Water Management Details
    • Surface Water Sources
    • Subsurface Water Sources
    • Details for Low Permeability Soils
    • Location and Venting of Toe and Heel Drains
  • Overall Quantity Estimates
    • Block
    • Grid
    • Wall Rock
  • General Notes and Specifications