Estimating an AB Courtyard Wall

Beginning Screen - Select Application

Estimating a Seating Wall
  1. Select Homeowner or Contractor.

  2. Enter your project information in the area provided.

  3. Click the AB Courtyard button.

AB Courtyard Texture Screen

Select Block Texture
  1. Click the AB Courtyard texture desired on your project.

  2. Click the Continue button in the lower right corner.

Estimating Your AB Courtyard Wall

Estimate a Seating Wall
  1. Select the type of wall on your site. Walls with curves will require using the AB York block or a combination of AB York and AB Dublin. Walls that are straight may use AB York, AB Dublin, or both blocks in a pattern.

  2. Select the block pattern desired. Note that if a curved wall is selected, the a wall comprised of only AB Dublin blocks is not available.

  3. Enter the wall length in the box provided. This is the total wall length, including any posts that may be along the wall.

  4. Select the wall height. To the right of the selection is the total wall height including the cap.

  5. Select the post height. To the right of the selection is the total post height including the cap.

  6. Enter the number of posts within the wall.

  7. Enter the number of corners within the wall that do not have a post. Also if you are ending the wall with corners instead of a post, enter that here.

  8. Click the calculate button for your AB Courtyard estimate.

Adding Additional Walls to Your Estimate

Multiple Retaining Walls
  1. If your job site has multiple walls, you may combine all these walls into one estimate. To add walls to your estimate, click the Add button.

  2. To view or edit the individual walls in your estimate, click the Up / Down arrows to select the desired wall.

  3. To view and print the project's overall estimate, click on the Total radio button above your estimate.