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Use AB Courtyard to enhance your outdoor experience. Check out all 12 designs here.

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Don't know the difference between a brick and a block? A wall stone and a rock wall? No need to worry, you can learn more about our different retaining wall products and patio walls to choose the best product to fit your project. Find styles and color options here.



Check out our catalogs here! Free downloadable information on retaining walls, patio walls and weekend project ideas. Get step-by-step instruction manuals and tech sheets to build all sorts of outdoor projects.

Custom Catalog & Submittal Builder

Custom Catalog & Submittal Builder

Create digital documents with local Allan Block information, project photos, products and colors



Get step-by-step instructions on how to build a retaining wall, or learn the steps on how to build a patio wall.


EstimatingAllan Block 3D

Quickly determine the quantities of all materials needed for your retaining wall or patio projects, ensuring your project is successful right from the start. Now Available - Draw your projects in 3D!

Weekend Projects

Weekend Projects

Build beautiful outdoor spaces yourself. Find everything you need to build a pond, firepit, outdoor kitchen, planter and more in just a weekend.

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Be inspired! Tour the photo gallery to see a wide variety of project ideas and solutions to any outdoor design.

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Ready for more? Watch installation videos to learn the correct process for building retaining walls, patio walls, outdoor kitchens and more.



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