Increasing Demand for New Design Elements in Landscaping

Hardscape Options Bring More Beauty

Thirty years ago, landscape professionals had limited choices of design elements and materials. Patios were poured-concrete. Decks were cedar. Retaining walls were plain concrete blocks. Even when it came to foliage, only basic choices for plants, flowers and shrubs were available. People lived indoors and their yards were an after-thought.

Today, people are passionate about their home's outdoor environment and want to integrate it with interior space and lifestyle. They want to do more to enhance their home's curb appeal and value - and they are willing to pay for it.

For landscape professionals, this is an opportunity to separate themselves from their competition by promoting and installing the latest generation of landscape products. Homeowner demand for new innovative designs spells business opportunity for the progressive landscape professional.

retaining wall planter

"We're seeing a dramatic shift towards tumbled blocks, blended colors and natural looking hardscape products."
- Dan Mechley

retaining wall

"Homeowners and building owners are looking for upscale landscaping that compliments their buildings." - Dan Mechley

retaining wall patio

For more than 15 years, Allan Block has been leading the industry by innovating new types of stackable concrete blocks. Allan Block has a wide variety of blocks in many colors, sizes and shapes. Developed for both beauty and durability, these products give designers and contractors many new options. Distinctive outdoor spaces can be designed that are creative, cost effective, attractive and long lasting.

Today, landscape design is a dynamic art form. Using Allan Block's full product line, landscape architects and contractors can easily construct flowing designs which take into account yard shape and topography, plantings and traffic patterns. They can develop plans to incorporate the lifestyle needs of the customer and design landscapes that add value for years to come.

Landscape professionals know they need quality and variety in blocks and materials. Details are critical in all designs. The color, texture and size of the materials must come together to create a synergy that makes the designs come alive. The materials used should enhance the design options, not limit them.

Allan Block products are virtually limitless in their application and are of the highest quality. New block designs have rich blended colors, tumbled textures and modular designs. Designers can mix block colors or sizes to create a natural stone effect.

No matter whether the project is a private residence, a commercial property, or a public construction project, block design details add great visual impact for very little cost. Using the latest block designs from Allan Block makes the details of each plan unique. It's a far cry from the days of poured-concrete patios!

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #2