Backyard Flooding Solutions

Yard Drainage Problems Solved by Retaining Wall

The Cleghern family from Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee were homeowners with a backyard problem that needed a solution. While their yard already had a pool, there really was not enough space around it to relax and entertain. This was due in part, to the large sloping hill at the back of their property. This hillside was also creating a serious drainage issue as well. With no constructive place for the run-off water to go, the excess water from the hillside was finding its way into the pool and flooding the crawl space under their home. The Cleghern’s needed a solution and they needed it fast.

Backyard with pool with patterned retaining wall

With water running off the hill, the homeowners needed a retaining wall to fix the flow of water

Courtyard two sided wall system with gate provides privacy

The AB Courtyard wall was placed at the back of the house and wrapped around the yard to meet up with the retaining wall

Paver patio with pool surrounded by retaining wall and privacy concrete two sided fence

Homeowners needed more space around their pool to relax ans entertain

Backyard with pool with patterned retaining wall

The contractor suggested building an Allan Block retaining wall to manage the slope and increase the useable space in the yard around the pool. Drains would be installed to divert the water and since the homeowners really did not like the look of a wooden fence, the AB Courtyard Collection was recommended to create a concrete wall that would provide the perfect privacy solution.

The AB Collection from Allan Block was chosen to tackle the hillside. The homeowners really enjoyed the look and texture of the Ashlar Blend pattern to match the feel of their overall design. The contractor was able to push back the hillside 15 ft (4.6 m), and finished the wall on each end with step downs to follow the grade of the slope, giving them a lot more entertaining space. Drains were installed within and behind the wall to divert the water flow.

The AB Courtyard wall was placed at the back of the house and wrapped around the yard to meet up with the retaining wall. Landscaping was added to the area to provide the perfect mixture of aesthetics and privacy while still keeping the yard feeling open and inviting.

Once the project was completed, the Cleghern’s yard was transformed from a washed out and confined space with no privacy, into beautiful and functional outdoor living space that they can enjoy with family and friends.

The homeowners sought out the assistance of AB certified contractor, Will Pinkerton of The Plant Ranch and sat down to draw up a design for their new backyard. Their first concern was to find a way to divert the flow of water from the hillside to keep their home and pool from flooding. The Cleghern’s also wanted to open up the space for more entertaining possibilities and add privacy to their yard with a fence.

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #22