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Spring 2013

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Need an Estimate for your latest yard project? Need some numbers on the go? We have an app just for you.

Retaining Wall App
Residential Retaining Wall App

Available for smart phones and tablets this app is great for estimating on the go. This FREE app allows you to design your retaining wall and get product estimates in seconds.

Master Wall Builders

Allan Block Contractor's Best of the Best

Contractors that reach this level have both the knowledge and the skills to build top quality Allan Block walls and are sought after in the industry for the top jobs. Check out who made the list in 2012.


  • That industry standard says the geogrid lengths should be at least 60% of the total wall height.
  • Allan Block's tallest wall tackled an 90 ft grade change. Our tallest free standing AB Fence is over 30 ft. Both in NJ supplied and sold by Clayton Block.
  • AB Courtyard was Allan Block’s fastest growing product line we have released with over 90% of our North American producers making it.


AB Grid
AB Reinforcement Grid
- When Your Wall Needs Reinforcement

Retaining Walls Install
Installation Help

Find all the help you need to build retaining walls, patio walls and fences.

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Designs to Add Style & Beauty

Curb Appeal

First impressions are important for any home - whether the house is a starter home or a high end property. Adding landscape elements to your yard can not only provide a welcoming feel, but help you sell your property when the time comes.


With spring now upon us the time for building and landscaping is now. Find everything you need to get inspired, design your landscape and build beautiful hardscapes all right here! Allan Block has the solution - check out allanblock.com for installation help, beautiful photos, technical help and more!

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How to Build A Retaining Wall

video gravity wall

Retaining Walls: King of the Hill

Segmental Retaining Walls - Construction That Stands the Test of Time

segmental retaining walls

Many people think of mortarless stackable blocks as a modern invention, but they existed thousands of years ago. We need only look at the Great Pyramids in Egypt to see the versatility and durability of mortarless stone construction.


Featured Product: AB Fieldstone Collection

AB Fieldstone

AB Fieldstone is a multi-piece retaining wall system that provides a variety of advantages. Each block assembly consists of a facing unit and an anchoring unit. This combination creates a product that is Green, Natural and Friendly.


Building Tips: How to Build a Pond


Learn how to enhance your yard with a beautiful below ground water feature that you can build yourself.

This below ground pond will use 4 courses of AB York blocks, Wall Caps, a flexible pond liner and a fountain (optional).


Tips & Tricks:

Planning Ahead Saves Time and Money

Gravity Wall

Know Your Soils
to build better walls. Before you begin any project, make sure you have the proper tools and materials.

  • Use the Estimating App to design your wall and get a complete estimate of the products and materials needed.
  • Refer to the Gravity Wall Charts to make sure you plan for the proper reinforcement
  • The type of soil on your site can make a big difference in the construction process.

Water Management: Good landscaping doesn’t create water problems - IT SOLVES THEM.

Water Management

When planning a new landscape, there are many things that need to be considered, like location, budget, overall design - the planning can go on and on depending on the detail of the overall design. One thing that is often overlooked and can have a significant effect on the success of the project is water management.