Backyard Tips for Adding Extra Space

In the hustle and bustle of the world we live in, filled with crowded streets and buildings; our backyard spaces can sometimes be – small. Not everyone can have gardens the size of Versailles in their backyard, but there are a few things you can do to create more space in an otherwise less than spacious yard.

If your yard is plagued with a hill or a large slope, there are a variety of options available to not only increase the size of your space, but make it more user-friendly and inviting. Using hardscapes like Allan Block retaining walls can be an eye-catching, long lasting way to open up the unusable space and create that backyard retreat you have long dreamed of.


Retaining Walls by Allan Block

Think Terraces

Instead of building one large wall to push back the dirt and hold the hillside at bay; creating a towering fortress of concrete, think terraces. Terraces are a series of smaller walls that can be built to do the same job as a large wall but have some added benefits. A terraced wall can provide additional areas for plants, or levels of usable space for patios and play areas.

Build Stairs

If you can’t go out – go up. Adding stairways to your hillside allows you to access spaces that were previously out of reach. Stairs add functional elements and cannot only enhance the usability of a space but add flair and beauty to an otherwise drab section of your yard.

Grow Things

Many of us spend our daily lives in the concrete jungle, so having plants and trees to soften our outdoor spaces can take us away from some of the daily grind. It can also add usable space to your backyard. Tackling that slope with some garden planters might be just the thing you need. Garden planters can house a wide variety of plants depending on your style and design. Vegetables, flowers, bushes or vines are just a few of the many green things that can help you create that Versailles garden of your own – if only on a slightly smaller scale.

Get Creative

Whether your space travels uphill or downhill, incorporating retaining walls, creates more usable space; adds beauty and functionality. So get creative! Before you begin building, look at the area you have to work with, think about how you want to use the space and your unique style.

With a little planning, you can take that space you once thought of as small or crowded and turn it into an inviting and useful and even spacious place to spend your time unwinding.