Allan Block Creates for Segmental Retaining Wall Design - A Best Practices Publication

1/22/2015 MINNEAPOLIS, MN – SRW or segmental retaining wall design has just gotten easier. Allan Block has created and published the document Best Practices for (SRW) Segmental Retaining Wall Design to help educate and promote better design and construction practices of retaining walls in the field. Allan Block Corporation drew on its 25 plus years of research, design and field experience as well as working with other industry professionals to create a detailed document that highlights typical issues that may be present on any given project.

Best Practices is written in a specification format with 12 main topics of discussion that include but are not limited to: typical and pre- construction, multiple water management topics, soils, compaction, geogrid, taller walls, global stability, terraces and above wall considerations. Additionally, there are detailed cross sections that include notes and comments as well as references to other industry related standards.

The Best Practices document was created to be used as a guide and an industry standard for any equivalent segmental retaining wall (SRW) product and not just exclusively for Allan Block products. The goal with this publication is to help drive the industry towards zero wall failures. By creating a quality set of standards it lays out a good practice for how to plan, design and build SRW walls properly.

Using the Best Practices document along with the other Allan Block materials like the AB Walls Design Software and/or the AB Engineering Manual will give any engineer or design professional everything they need to properly engineer an Allan Block retaining wall. View our software and Best Practices document at the Geosynthetics 2015 show, to see how to get your free copy.

Allan Block Corporation is a leading provider of retaining wall systems for commercial, industrial, roadway and residential projects. With millions of square feet of retaining wall product installed though out the world, Allan Block has the resources to deliver performance and quality to every project.



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