The New Allan Block Wall Inspector Certification Program Helps to Ensure a Quality Project

(9/22/09) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The new AB Wall Inspector Certification has been designed to give building officials and inspectors the proper training and tools to ensure that proper retaining walls are built. Allan Block Corporation has developed these tools and training programs to help building inspectors get the knowledge and the resources they need to inspect Allan Block projects.

With the help of our vast network of trained Allan Block representatives, building officials now have the opportunity to take advantage of our installation training, technical support, and the many tools we have available to help them properly inspect and verify installation of the Allan Block products. This three-stage program blends the details of wall design and the experience of wall construction to help us define each inspector's individual level of ability and service. This on-going certification program will also help us to ensure we continue to see the quality and success Allan Block is known for.

Working through the levels of the AB Wall Inspector Certification Program, we will show you why training can be your best resource for high quality engineered wall construction. There are three achievable levels that are based on the number of Allan Block projects that have been inspected and the experienced gained:

  • Level One – AB Certified Wall Inspector
  • Level Two – AB Experienced Wall Inspector
  • Level Three – AB Master Wall Inspector

list of upcoming classes and additional information concerning the program, which includes what the requirements are for each level, can be found at

Allan Block Corporation is a leading provider of retaining wall systems for commercial, industrial, roadway and residential projects. With millions of square feet of retaining wall product installed throughout the world, Allan Block has the resources to deliver performance and quality to every project.



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