New Program For Reinforced Landscape Walls - Available From Allan Block Corp

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 20, 2004 - A new program designed specifically for building small- to medium-sized landscape walls has been launched by Allan Block Corp. Roughly 45 percent of landscape walls less than six-feet high require engineering and soil reinforcement. However, engineering costs can be prohibitive for small projects and soil stabilization geogrid material can be difficult to both procure and handle.

Allan Block's new program solves many common problems faced by homeowners and landscape contractors when building low-profile walls. Landscape walls less than six-feet high often require construction permits. Allan Block's pre-engineered wall designs can be used by landscape contractors and homeowners to quickly obtain the necessary building permits.

"Inconsistent designs and lack of engineering support can make it complicated to build low-profile landscape walls," stated Bob Gravier, president of Allan Block Corp. "Because there are few support services available for small-scale projects, property owners and contractors can face a complicated permit process that adds unwanted time and additional expense to landscape projects."

Allan Block developed the pre-engineered designs through a proven engineering methodology that takes into account numerous project factors including the size of the wall, soil type and job site conditions. "City officials may not be familiar with the specific requirements for building retaining walls," said designer Dan Swartz of Brown/Woods and Associates, a landscape design company located in Champagne, Ill. "Allan Block analyzed a variety of site conditions and developed plans which can be quickly approved by a local engineer. This program saves significant time and money on landscape projects."

Reinforcement Grid Provides Necessary Stability

A new soil reinforcement 'geogrid' is also part of Allan Block's program for landscape walls less than six feet high. Geogrid is a flexible synthetic mat or mesh which is used to stabilize large areas of soil. About 45 percent of landscape walls require geogrid to stabilize the soil. However, it can be difficult to work with ordinary geogrid.

Allan Block has solved this problem by developing special biaxial grid rolls with uniform strength both side-to-side and front-to-back. The new Allan Block biaxial grid is designed to roll out alongside the wall, making it faster and easier to install; most other grids must be cut and patched together. Using a standardized installation method, Allan Block geogrid is installed on the first course of blocks, then every other course after that. Grid rolls are available in two convenient, easy-to-handle sizes: 50-foot long by three- or four-foot widths.

"Allan Block's new soil reinforcement geogrid is effective with small to medium-sized landscape walls," stated John Brown, owner of Brown/Woods. "The new pre-packaged AB Grid rolls are convenient, handy, and much easier to use than the giant 15-foot rolls. Installation is simple, smooth and fast."

About Allan Block Corp.

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