Fall: The Best Time to Plan Next Spring's Landscape Project

Minneapolis: Fall is the smartest time to plan next year's landscaping project because you can save time, money and headaches.

"By approaching your landscape contractor during the off-season, you can be sure to get their full attention while the back-log is minimal," said Bill Gordon, spokesman for Mid-America Green Industry Council. "By planning ahead, you can get a jump on your landscaping project and have the entire summer to enjoy your new surroundings."

Robert Allan (Bob) Gravier, landscape expert and president of Allan Block Corporation, a national manufacturer of stackable landscape blocks, suggests the following schedule for developing next spring's landscaping project:

  • Plan - Contrary to many homeowner's habits, fall is the best time to begin planning for upcoming landscaping projects. Homeowners should assess their yards for "needs" such as a retaining wall to help control erosion or "wants" such as an outdoor patio.
  • Design - Use fall and winter downtime to contact a landscape designer. During this off-season, landscape specialists generally can draw up plans more quickly and cost-effectively. Or, if you have the skills, use your creativity to design your own landscaping plans.
  • Build - Early spring is also the best time to hire a landscape installer, before they become overbooked and begin increasing bid prices. When spring arrives and the ground thaws, your planning and design work is already done. Because you planned ahead, you'll be at the top of your contractor's list and can begin building a new retaining wall, outdoor patio or courtyard.

Ron and Lynn McCormick of Magnolia, Texas, utilized the "Plan, Design, Build" process. The McCormick's conducted their product research and then carefully designed their project with help from design manuals and advice from their Allan Block dealer. With that complete, they installed a retaining wall, three sets of stairs and two terraces all on their own. They undertook the project out of necessity - to protect the soil around their home from erosion.

"With the literature and technical manuals Allan Block provided, we were able to successfully complete this project," said Ron McCormick. "It is an addition to our home that we are very proud of and enjoy every day."

Allan Block has more advice on how homeowners can plan, design and build to enhance their outdoor living experience. For additional information, email info@allanblock.com, or visit www.allanblock.com.
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