Project Success Starts with Proper Estimation of your Allan Block Retaining Wall Materials

Allan Block Corporation has created an estimating tool for retaining walls under 30 ft (9.1 m) in height. The AB Commercial Wall Estimator is a Microsoft Excel based tool, and is a free download from our website at When there are many things that can turn a successful project into one that leaves you scratching your head wondering where things went wrong, making sure that the proper amount of materials on the job site is the first step to make sure the installation and construction of the retaining wall project is successful.

The AB Commercial Wall Estimator allows the user to enter the height and length of their particular retaining wall and receive a material estimate that includes:

  • Allan Block product count that includes caps and even a breakdown of different blocks when a pattern wall is desired
  • Geogrid quantities based on wall heights and conditions
  • Base and wall rock estimates needed to complete the wall installation
  • Infill soil amounts that will need to be excavated, backfilled and compacted
  • Drain Tile, adhesive and much more

The AB Commercial Wall Estimator is not the only tool available at Allan Block also has estimating tools for smaller landscape walls and the AB Courtyard Collection, a beautiful collection of blocks used as seating walls and pillars around patios. These tools are provided to ensure proper material estimates get a project moving in the right direction.

With over 20 years of experience, Allan Block Corporation is a leading provider of retaining wall systems for commercial, industrial, roadway and residential projects. With millions of square feet of retaining wall product installed though out the world, Allan Block has the resources to deliver performance and quality to every project. Use the estimating tools to start your project right.



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