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AB Garden Wall Collection

Please note that all Garden Collection products are not currently available in all markets.
Check with your local manufacturer for product colors and availability.

Name Description Approx. Weight Wall Size
Garden Accent AB Garden Accent Textured on both sides, our lightest block is the right choice for sturdy, garden beds and borders that last a lifetime. AB Garden Accent is available in two finishes - Classic Cut Stone and Old World Tumbled
15 lbs
(7 kg)
For walls up to 24 in.
(610 mm) high
AB Junior AB Junior Experienced gardeners prefer AB Junior for its versatility and performance. Beautiful fit and finish, and all the design details you will need for custom gardening. AB Junior comes in standard, angled and corner blocks and has a Classic Cut Stone finish
22 lbs
(10 kg)

35 lbs
(15.9 kg)
For walls up to 30 in.
(750 mm) high
AB Jumbo Junior AB Jumbo Junior For larger, more challenging projects, AB Jumbo Junior delivers the sturdy, rugged qualities you need. Our winged-back design lets you build both straight and curved walls with one block and have a Classic Cut Stone finish.
35 lbs
(15 kg)
47 lbs
(21.3 kg)
For walls up to 36 in.
(900 mm) high

Want to think BIGGER?

If you have a larger landscape project in mind, take a look at our Retaining Wall Collections - a full line of larger block designed and engineered for full-scale construction.

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