Allan Block Products

Retaining Walls

  • AB Collection Retaining Wall
  • AB Europa Collection Retaining Wall
  • AB Fieldstone Collection Retaining Wall
  • AB Aztec Collection Retaining Wall

Concrete block retaining wall system good for any residential or commerical application. Multiple sizes, shapes, textures and colors available.

Patio Seating and Surround Walls

  • AB Metro Patio Wall Outdoor Entertaining Area
  • AB Metro Patio Wall Garden Retaining Wall
  • AB Courtyard Seating Wall
  • AB Courtyard Patio Wall

Free standing wall systems, great for seating walls, kitchens, water features and other outdoor living accents.

Concrete Fences

  • AB Fence Sound Barrier
  • AB Fence Roadway Sound Barrier
  • AB Fence backyard fence
  • AB Fence post and panel fence

Post & panel concrete block fence system great of noise reduction, privacy fencing, security, and containment.

Allan Block products are Inspired by Nature and Designed for Life.

What that means is that every Allan Block carries with it a promise to be durable, naturally attractive, and easy to install. Every Allan Block carries with it the testing, engineering and field performance you want for a strong, safe, reliable wall system.