How to Design Your Garden Wall

garden wall

Design Considerations: Elements to Add to Your Garden Wall

Straight Lines and Curves

Mother Nature rarely draws a straight line. Not only will curved designs feel more natural, they are actually easier to build too! Free flowing curves will grace any garden or landscape. If straight lines and corners are your choice, use AB Junior or AB Jumbo Junior - both offer corner blocks, making 90° turns easy to build.


Colour selection is key to a great design. Be sure to consider the total composition - house, pavements, and bed mulch - and find the look that's right for you.

garden wall curve


garden wall corner



Consider a layered look in your garden design. You'll love the way garden wall flows. Create a series of raised garden beds, or tackle a tricky slope by turning one wall into two.


garden wall structure

Maximum heights shown in sandy soil

Be careful not to try and retain too much with the garden wall line of blocks. These lighter duty blocks are great for smaller wall projects. AB Garden Accent up to 24 in. (600 mm), AB Junior up to 30 in. (750 mm), and AB Jumbo Junior up to 36 in. (900 mm) - with sandy soils and no extra weight above the wall.

The maximum wall heights above are for walls with level grades above and below the wall, and no added weight - "surcharges" - from driveways, swimming pools, etc…

If your project has steep slopes above or below the wall, or extra weight from surcharges, ask your AB Dealer about our heavier duty products found in the Retaining Wall Collection

Be sure to follow our recommended maximum wall heights.

garden wall surcharge


garden wall slopes